Soul Step Records Subscription Plan

We have many great fans of our label. It shocks us and amazes us every time we see someone instragraming our records, talking about them on a blog, and sharing the good word about Soul Step. 

We also have those same great fans who can miss out on a release that we put out into the wild, only to see them placed on discogs or eBay for ridiculous prices. Someone has our first release up for sale for 300$. With our limited edition records - they can become sought after in the second hand market. 


We wanted to put together a plan to make sure you don't miss any release we put out into the wild. We're working hard to have as many releases as possible - and this keeps you in the loop!


Don't miss a single release with our brand new subscription plan! 


Here are a couple of things we wanted to provide for you. 

1) A way to get your hands on each exclusive limited edition record we produce. 

2) A service that won't bind you to each release - Why be forced to buy a record you do not want?

3) We don't want to store your credit card info. We're sensitive to your data. We don't want that info. We'll reach out and alert you when every release becomes available to our subscribers.  

4) Any records passed up during the subscriber period will be fair game for pre-orders to the general public. 

So fill out our Soul Step Records Subscription form below, and we'll respond back if you are in the club! Good luck!

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