About Us.

It all began in June 2011, Soul Step started with a humble beginning. Owner Melvin Dillon wanted to start making vinyl. He built a business plan to take care of the independent artists all while allowing them to make as much money as possible. A record label that operated as a non-profit? The traditional record labels haven't taken care of their artists - and Melvin wanted to change that. 

Soul Step Records wants to release the Vinyl version of records from bands who may not have the funding to get Vinyl pressed. We pay all the upfront costs of production, and once we’ve made our investment, the rest of the profits are split evenly between Soul Step and the band. Our artists even have a chance to purchase copies of their vinyl at a discounted price to take and sell at shows to make an even greater profit. A win-win for both parties, and the chance to have your record pressed and listened to the way music should be, ON VINYL. 

With over 35 releases and even more in the pipeline, our records have been purchased and sent to all 50 states and to over 30 different countries. We're continuing to grow with each release. We want to grow with you. 

Soul Step Records is looking for that next great unsigned band or artist to collaborate with and get the music out there on vinyl.                       


         Go ahead and Email us. We want to work to get your record on Vinyl.                                                                                                 no cost to you.


Soul Step Records. Leaders of the Vinyl Revival.