The gateway drug for Soul Step Records..

Over the years, the previous FOURTY releases through Soul Step - we finally arrive to present to you THERE IS NO FINISH LINE: SOUL STEP RECORDS SAMPLER VOL. 1!

Featuring some of our favorite tracks, we present to you this compilation. Perfect for your collection, and a perfect gift to give someone to get them into being the next big Soul Step Records fan!

We consider this LP as our “thank you” note to everyone who has supported our label over the years, to every artist that we have worked with, and everyone who has shared Soul Step with someone else and helped us grow.

We want this to go on forever. For there to be NO FINISH LINE.



There is No Finish Line: Soul Step Sampler Vol. 1


Soul Step Subscriber Sale: March 23rd.

General Pubic Sale: March 25th. 

Black Vinyl on Sale Now!

There is No Finish Line Vol 1 - Black Vinyl
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Track List


Scattered Trees - Four Days Straight

Matt Duncan - Beacon

Republican Hair - Be Careful Chloe

Sylmar - I Can’t Read (Binary)

Poncé - Surrender To The Night

Modern Aquatic - Laurel Leaves


Pet Envy - For Keeps

Audley - Game Over

Amythyst Kiah - Another Man Done Gone

Moves - Radio on Low

The Nobility - Wonderful Night

Big Tree - This Fall