Look towards the future, but love where you came from....

I could not be any more excited to share with the Soul Step world our very first release from the FOOTPRINT SERIES. This series focuses on where I come from, Appalachia. 

Bluegrass, Country, Honky-Tonk music was all part of my musical upbringing. To this day the sound of a clawhammer banjo will get me homesick. 

The FOOTPRINT SERIES will be focused on Appalachian artists and musicians keeping Appalachian music alive. 

In comes The Family Gold......

Hailing from Chicago, Ill - where a Honky-Tonk scene is starting to thrive - The Family Gold plays original country hillbilly blues. Recommended for the two-steppers, whiskey drinkers, and all around American music lovers. Their debut EP, Alright Now, will take you on a journey to simpler times where the sun is shining, the well is strong, and the air is free.

So make sure this one is in your collection. It is a toast to where we came from, and we hope to raise many more glasses with you. 

- Melvin Dillon  7/17/18


The Family Gold "Absolutely Nothing"


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