One of my favorite parts about Soul Step Records is watching relationships develop with our artists. It was in 2015 when a colleague floated this artist Republican Hair. 

What proceeded when I heard the music of Republican Hair, was a rush to get music on vinyl ASAP. We initially released four tracks off the HIGH AND TIGHT EP with SSR-014. 

Fans couldn't get enough of Republican Hair. The limited edition vinyl quickly sold out. It was some time later when I was approached again from Republican Hair, with a pair of songs off a very different sounding THE PRINCE AND THE DUKE. We moved to get the single "Miss Prince" out on vinyl into the world. It was an even bigger hit. This track was favorited and even highlighted by NPR & Consequence of Sound.  

Now we're back to deliver the full Republican Hair experience. The LP of all of HIGH AND TIGHT & THE PRINCE AND THE DUKE. 

Republican Hair

High & Tight / The Prince & The Duke


Dual Cover Jacket - Snowy White Vinyl!