My How Things Have Grown...

I remember many years ago meeting Matt Duncan outside the original Country Boy Brewing and signing the contracts for the vinyl release of his yet to be released LP, "Soft Times." 

We grabbed a brew, walked outside and sat in his VW Golf, and I got to hear "Lone Ranger" for the first time. It was hard not to freak out -it was so good. I knew at that moment this was the beginning of lots of good things to come. 

Fast forward five years later, we've already sold through an entire pressing of "Soft Times." We've partnered up and had the master lacquers re-cut and went ALL OUT to get some incredible looking records ready for an album near and dear to our hearts. 

Snatch this soon. Don't be like those who missed this album the first time around. 

-Melvin Dillon

Matt Duncan

"Soft Times"

SSR-003 - Our First Re-press!

Limited to 100 Random Color Splatter Vinyl!


Standard Vinyl On Sale!

Matt Duncan - "Soft Times" RANDOM COLOR VINYL
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