Republican Hair "High & Tight" EP (BLACK VINYL)


Republican Hair "High & Tight" EP (BLACK VINYL)


It’s a rocking FOUR song 45. If you use this link below, you can hear all four tracks on the 45.

SSR-014 is Nashville’s REPUBLICAN HAIR. It’s honestly hard to describe what Republican Hair is. We asked RH to describe the project…..Here is their description. 

This artist, or project, conjures the flamboyant musicality of The Cars, Devo, The Clash and Talking Heads.  The information age rendered out protagonist comatose. 

When he awoke, he was gifted with a quirky pop songwriting sensibility, acerbic wit, and a morbid fascination with pop culture fallout from 1980's Cold War hysteria. 

They have sublimated these gainful attributes into a collection of new-wave pop, and is now the ringleader of Republican Hair. The band/the movement is infiltrating the masses with its twistedly tuneful debut coming on Vinyl from Soul Step Records. 

Who REPUBLICAN HAIR truly is remains a mystery but word has it they are behind some of current Country music’s biggest radio hits, which only adds to to the mystery and intrigue behind REPUBLICAN HAIR.

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